Make-Up Remover

Hi there,
You’re in the bathroom, getting ready to remove whatever is on your face with your makeup remover or facial cleanser.
You apply, rub, and rinse your face and suddenly you realize..
..Your face is now covered in stinging red blotches.
If this sounds familiar, DROP everything you’re doing and finish reading this.. you may be putting yourself in danger.
Truth is, cosmetics including makeup removers have a lot of chemicals that may irritate your skin, turning it scaly, and even causing a burning sensation or worst, blisters.
==> See How The Ultimate Makeup Remover Cloth Can Remover Your Makeup With JUST Water
The Nanotowels Makeup Remover Cloth is made with patented Nanolon technology.
It’s 100% safe, chemical-free, AND re-usable.
If you want a transformative experience for your face, this skin cleaner and remover is what you need.
It is not just a regular facial cloth, it is specially modified to tackle any type of makeup,
And exfoliates deep into your pores..
..all without irritating your skin!
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